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With full access to Rainbow Roommates Apartment Share Listings, you can contact prospective roommates via email or phone to schedule an interview for the room. You will be emailed detailed & customized roommate listings of the most current apartment shares that match your budget & preferred location criteria. To better insure your success with shared housing, accounts are renewable on a monthly basis should you need additional listings to complete your roommate search and/or to cover your transition period with your new roommate. You can cancel your subscription via email at anytime.






Subscription Fees

15 day account: $30

30 day account: $50

Signing-up in person is also available by appointment

 - Optimize my search -

If necessary, modifying your price and location preferences during your active search can help to optimize your search and help you broaden your options. You can add locations and/or a new price range to your search if you wish to increase the number of listings you receive. It is recommended to balance your search preferences in relation to the amount of time and money you have as resources for your roommate search. You should spend no more than 1/3 of your total income on rent.

Email or call 212-627-8612 with changes to your search criteria

 - Manage my situation -

With your subscription comes roommate guidelines, coaching, sample interviewing questions, sample roommate agreements and maintenance techniques to help quicken the roommate search and to successfully manage the share situation.

Sample Roommate Agreement

- Cancel my account -

You can cancel your Rainbow Roommates account by email. Canceling your account will end the listing updates sent via email and will end your monthly billing cycle. You can reinstate your account and monthly billing cycle within 6 month of cancellation.

Email to cancel your account

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