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1) What is helps lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and gay-friendly roommates from around the country and the globe to find an affordable and comfortable home. Over the years, we have focused on providing those around the world with efficient assistance in their searches for roommate accommodations in the Greater New York Metro area.  We are pleased to offer a large database of roommates throughout the New York City Metro area which consists of quality roommate share listings that are easy to use, regularly updated, and affordable.  We have refined the roommate search process to the point that we are able to assist you effectively in making the best possible decision about your growing accommodation needs.  It is our goal to help you find an affordable, congenial, convenient place to live in New York City.

We are a trusted and well know service provider. And for that we are able to offer secure and productive options for your search. We specialize in NYC roommate shares and have grown our database over many years. Unlike .com's or "free-access" services, we are an established local entity; well known throughout the city for excellent and secure service through professional assistance to the public. We are licensed as a New York State Department Division of Licensing Apartment Sharing Agent while most other companies and sites are not. Focusing our efforts throughout the all areas of NYC, we have amassed the largest share database in New York City and the most diversity and breadth of clientele.  Additionally, we are always strengthening our resources to further increase our attention to customer service and value added services. Your understanding of share listing information and interview strategies to maintain an efficient roommate search are our priorities.  

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 2) How long does it take to find a roommate?

Of course the length of a search will vary from person to person, but on average, Rainbow Roommates clients find a new home within 2 weeks or less.  Granted, some individuals can be selected as a roommate within their first week.  We recommend that you take the time necessary to find those roommates with whom you feel very comfortable and secure.  You make the decision to grant or accept an offer.  So remember to make your choice using your best discretion. 


3) Why should I list my apartment with Rainbow Roommates?

Our market is not restricted to a handful of readers that see an ad in a fee based newspaper nor does it suffer the security issues that follow "free-access" web sites. Though listing with is FREE, membership for access to your listing is not. We understand the importance of your personal privacy. "Free-access" sites easily open the door to the problems associated with unsecured distribution of your personal information without taking into consideration the need for personal information privacy standards. Furthermore, our managed database is unlike traditional classifieds which are quickly outdated a day after publication. Our detailed and customized listings help to better inform potential members by giving them an accurate description of your situation, This helps minimize wasted time and questions. A well secured yet more diverse market means more potential, quality matches for you. As we maintain reference information on all our clients, you can contact us at anytime to further assist you in making your search for a new roommate a success.


4) What if I select a person or situation, but realize it's not working out?

If within 3 months of signing your roommate agreement, you realize that your situation is not working out, we will begin your services again at no charge. If you have an apartment share, let us know, and we'll add your listing back into our database database immediately. Communicating with us as often as possible concerning your progress, performance and about the results of your interviews could highly improve your chances of success.  NOTE: The name of the "roommate" game is to connect with the prospective roommate who likes, appreciates and most of all, respects you and who you are.  Make every effort to honestly stress your strengths and skills that would help improve and maintain your home environment. Please be sure to use the roommate agreement to make your situation more manageable.


5) What should I ask when meeting with a potential roommate? offers a sample contract between new roommates that addresses many issues and topics. Be sure to look at the agreement and review it to your satisfaction. Check out our Coach Pack guidelines which cover sample questions and interviewing techniques. 

Generally, be as candid as possible as honesty is the best policy when living with another . Discuss work schedules (which can impact your sleep time or bathroom-time in the morning), overnight guests, household chores, deposits, utility payments and telephone bills. The more you talk about your expectations and habits the greater the chance of a successful roommate match. 

NOTE: Never pay with cash and get a receipt for any payments made or received.  And make sure that you and your roommate put the security deposit in an escrow account at your local banking institution. For additional information, consider "A Roommate Survival Guide."


6) How specific can you tailor my listing reports?

Your reports can be as specialized as you wish. We can give you lists, for example, that show apartments for specific areas and budgets. But remember, the more narrow your search, the fewer listings you will receive.  We recommend a broad, flexible search if you need an apartment immediately, but a more specific search if you have more time and resources to look for a roommate.


7) Who uses

Our client base represents all people of various ages, professions, both male and female, lesbian, gay, "gay-friendly" straight, in every borough of New York and from around the world. We strive to assist each and every person to find a shared home in New York City.  Most need to find or fill that available "extra" room in an otherwise increasingly high rental market.


8) Who can answer my questions? 

Please ask us for assistance or to answer any questions you may have.  We are available to discuss in detail any aspect of your search.  Speaking about the process and possible post move-in issues can many times make your experience less stressful, more efficient and ultimately a success.  Please email us or call 212-757-2865 with your questions. Additional online help is available.


9) How long will my available apartment share be listed?

Your apartment will remain in our database until you have found a roommate or for one month, which ever is sooner. We will contact you weekly to verify if you have found a roommate or are still looking; in which case, your listing will continue to be distributed.


10) How often do I get updated listings?

Updates are emailed each Monday thru Friday, but if you choose to pick-up your updates. Please call 212-757-2865 to schedule a pick-up for the latest listings.


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